We Create Musicians. We call it the Goldie 4 Mayor Music School.

What is The Goldie 4 Mayor Music School?

Our Unconventional Method. 

We fully understand the healing power of music and its potential to heal & transform. 

We don’t believe music is a subject or a class, but much more. 

We believe that learning musical arts is for everyone and leads to high cognition and resiliency. 

Our Studio is Virtual & In-Person. 

We can be fully virtual in our methodology; the method itself is a nod towards cultivation of tech-savvy 21st Century skills. 

We are Bilingual. 

We are fully fluent in Spanish as well as English. 

We have Professional Stage & Educator experiences.

25 years of performances & sessions in 100s of venues, and several professional studios.

Career Spanish teacher, Marching Band asst. director

Which Program is right for you? 

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